Andy has been my sober coach for the last 70 days (as of today!) and he’s lovely. We discussed in detail my reasons for wanting to stop drinking and from the off he was understanding, non-judgmental and professional. Stopping drinking has changed my life in so many ways and I can’t thank Andy enough for his help and support along the way.
Andy mentioned a sober event he was running so I went along. VERY out of my comfort zone however I had a great time. Met some other sober people and found the speakers stories really interesting. Looking forward to the next one and have a few other sober meet ups planned.
Stopping the booze has been more of a learning curve than I was expecting. I’ve learnt more about myself in these last 70 days than I have in the last 36 years. I’m loving sober life (not something I thought I’d ever say!) and can’t wait to continue it. This is my absolute favourite version of myself. Thanks Andy!! 💫




Andy’s take on alcohol free living is down to earth, realistic and speaks from his own experience. It’s great to see men speak up about alcohol and mental health. Role modelling will go a long way to reducing stigma. Especially with people as passionate as Andy. It’s certainly been beneficial to me in stopping drinking.
The guest speakers were very funny and relatable. Really helps to hear about the positivity that can come from AF living whilst remains realistic and open to people at all steps of the journey.
The event was amazing. Something I would never look to attend however so glad I did. The talks were literally mind blowing!!! To see how people were so low and in such distress due to alcohol and how they have used their money to credit their lives in different ways. This really moved me.
The one person who stood out most was the guy who attended with his Aunty who got up and spoke a few words. He literally made me cry. I heard every bit of truth and seen the struggle through his words. This was very moving.
The whole event from start to finish was amazing. Friendly people, amazing food , fab choice of non alcoholic drinks and a very very funky atmosphere.
Would I attend again? Absolutely in a heartbeat. It was so eye opening and has defo made me look at alcohol in a different light.
Thanks again x
I actually thought it was amazing, a feeling of belonging with other people with some the same thoughts and aspirations. A very welcoming atmosphere, very relaxed.  Soo encouraging, wonderful openness about how achievable an AF life style can be. How much your life can change soo much for the better! X
Hi mate, yeah was a brilliant event, good insight into real peoples stories, and excellent positive awareness, really enjoyed it mate 👍❤️
I wasn’t sure what to expect as I like a drink! I don’t feel I have a drink problem as I drink every Saturday night! Alcohol is a time zapper and does stop me from achieving what I want to as every week I’m soooooo tired from the heavy night of drinking! That leads to Monday feeling tired and the cycle continues!
The AF event was strange walking into a bar without drinking! That’s just something I never do! I mean I didn’t even know what to order!
As soon as the speakers started talking it was mega! Everything they were talking about felt so relatable. Plus they were so funny!
It just made me really think about what alcohol actually does for me! It definitely doesn’t serve me the way I want it to! So I left feeling very fired up and that I don’t HAVE to drink in every situation!
First soba weekend in a long time (maybe my second all year 🙈)
Event was mint, great atmosphere, great selection of AF drinks which tasted amazing, lots of chatting & mingling and very informative & engaging speeches.
Top food and music.
Well it was a really inspiring event. There was masses of positive energy in the room. Hearing the vulnerability and honesty from personal stories was so humbling. It reinforced all the reasons to remain alcohol free and gave hope that it is possible to continue to reap the rewards of an alcohol free life.
I lost sight of it being alcohol free at one point. Everyone was chatting and laughing with a drink in hand. It was like any normal party but no one being a lairy knob head or falling over.
Good hearing different people's take on why they went alcohol free. More different reasons than I'd thought.
Good hearing what other sober people are doing now instead of boozing. Definitely showed me how much other people are massively enjoying sober life and how much of a better time Everyone is having now
I think my takeaway comments from the event and obviously I was only there for the start of it, so I wasn't there for all of it, but, In terms of talks, and particularly when you were talking, you would have heard a pin drop in that room because there was just absolute silence and focus on every word that you were saying. And to me that really just demonstrates that people are really interested in stories from alcohol free, but also, people are really curious around that movement and the benefits that alcohol free have driven for you, particularly when you were talking, you know it's there was just so much focus and an intention and concentration on you when you were speaking and I think that's a demonstration of people's interest in this space, so. Essentially, there's a lot of interest and yeah, it just felt like a really lovely vibe. You know, we were in a bar with serving great drinks, basically nothing had alcohol in, but it still felt like you were in a normal bar environment with the same great atmosphere.
I attended the AF-ter Party event and it was buzzin' the place was full and lively.It was such a welcoming and inclusive community there was absolutely no stigma or shame alluded to regarding alcohol.i have not stopped thinking about the day and it felt more like a celebration of discovering a new way of life. I felt reassured about going AF and less panicky. A great crowd,great speakers lots of fun .
The AFter party event was brilliant - I turned up all alone from Bradford but the fantastic atmosphere soon saw me chatting away with wonderful people from all ages and backgrounds, from Chesterfield to California. Great range of AF drinks and cocktails and an inspiring set of speakers have left me keen to round up a load of friends to take to the next one!